• <Who Are We?>/<A Creative Crew Devoted to the Experimental Production of Multi-Dimensional Set Design for Corporate Clients>
    < 半点是谁?>/< 实验创作多维商业场景的艺术团队 >
    Bringidea, founded in 2004 in Shanghai, is a team of artistic talents specializing in the production of multi-dimensional set design for corporate clients. With our dedication to pushing the boundaries, we are constantly exploring avant-garde concepts and integrating refreshing perspectives into our dynamic, highly experimental creative processes. In particular, we strive to strike a fine balance between broad commercial appeal and enduring aesthetic value.

    /Bringidea 1.0
    As custodians of China’s intangible cultural heritage, we continually strive to draw wisdom and nourishment from the aesthetic tastes of yore and time-honored traditions of our motherland. Through introspection and emboldening the next generation of creative collective, we seek to spark inspiration and works that better encapsulate the values and vibrancy of our times. Hence, our artisanal heritage serves as our core driving force.

    /Bringidea 2.0
    With a core team consisting entirely of graduates from elite fine arts programs worldwide, we have served leading global brands with distinction for 18 years and counting. Through the intricate interplay of art, sculpture, technology, machinery, numbers, etc., we have created a series of multi-dimensional immersive and experiential set designs that engage and capture the visual, auditory, and even olfactory senses of the audience.

    /Bringidea 3.0
    We have made it our mission to nurture a core of up-and-coming designers, most of whom are Gen Z or younger. Building on the basis of Bringidea’s core values, they have further added to the mix their distinctive and eye-catching youthful vigor. Through strategic collaboration with a succession of bellwether brands, we have brought to the market a series of pioneering concepts and critically acclaimed set designs. Underpinning our dogged, uncompromising devotion to excellence is a heartfelt reverence for the transformative power of art, as well as our commitment to safeguard and further the legacy of China’s artisanal spirit.

    Over the past decade and counting, Bringidea has dedicated itself to the experimental production of set design for corporate clients. Each creative undertaking is a challenge unto itself, but our constant pursuit of mastery (of both the visual and technical language) and seamless collaboration mean that we have consistently raised the bar and enriched the artistic landscape with each groundbreaking set design.


    /半点 1.0

    /半点 2.0

    /半点 3.0

  • <Values of Bringidea>/<Brand + Creativity = Consumer Touchpoints>
    < 半点价值观 >/< 品牌的“半点”+创意的“半点”=消费者触点 >
    Bringidea has always insisted on co-exploring creative concepts with the brand. For every need or unique selling proposition, we would venture forth from an artistic vantage point and employ innovative thinking and diverse design languages to identify the precise Consumer Touchpoints, thereby endearing the brand to its target audience.

  • <Notable Milestones>/< 2004 — 2021>
    < 半点大事记 >/< 2004 — 2021 >
    <2004> Bringidea commenced assisting leading brands with creative enterprises such as graphic design, printed matter, customized gifts, limited edition packaging, audio and video editing, 3D models, event props, etc.

    <2010> With the launch of a custom workshop, Bringidea began fostering a production team. The tight-knit collaboration between the creative and production teams enables the two to learn from each other and delve deeply into various materials, processes, and structures, thereby streamlining and elevating the creative process.

    <2012> Bringidea customized the Free Wheel installation for Nike's flagship store in Beijing, spearheading the trend nationwide of utilizing dynamic art installations in retail spaces for exhibiting merchandize. This landmark project not only sparked intense discussions on the likes of Weibo but also significantly bolstered foot traffic to the store and thus the bottom line.

    <2013> Bringidea established an independently operated engineering base underpinning the twin thrusts of Research and Development as well as Autonomous Production. Such an expansive system, which encompasses planning, creative process, design, project management, advanced customization, nationwide logistics chain, installation, and after-sales services, has enabled us to grow from strength to strength into a creative enterprise with comprehensive case capabilities and capable of responding adroitly to brand needs and executing efficiently with surgical precision.

    <2021> For more artworks and set designs by Bringidea, follow our official account or click on “Project.”

    < 2004 > 半点开始为品牌提供平面设计、印刷品、定制礼品、限量包装、音视频编辑、三维模型、活动道具等创意作品。

    < 2010 > 半点设立打样车间,开始培育制作团队。创意团队和制作团队之间互相学习、紧密合作,深入钻研各类材料、工艺、结构,强化了高效创作的能力。

    < 2012 > 半点为耐克北京旗舰店定制了Free Wheel装置,开创了国内零售空间运用动态艺术展陈的新格局。当年,该项目不仅引发了以微博为主的线上热议,还为店铺带来了巨大的消费量。

    < 2013 > 半点创建了独立运营的工程基地,包含自主研发与自主生产两大板块。自此具备了从策划、创意、设计、项目管理到高级定制,以及全国物流、安装、售后的完备体系。半点稳步成长为具备全案能力的创意型公司, 能够快速响应品牌需求,并精准高效落地执行。

    < 2021> 更多半点场景艺术作品可关注公众号,或前往“项目”查看
  • <The Evolution of Bringidea> / <The Essence of Bringidea Is the Incessant Release of Creative Energy via a Chain Reaction>
    < 半点进化论 > / < 半点的内核是能量在裂变链式反应持续发生>
    Bringidea seeks to spark a never-ending chain reaction and harness the endless creative energy thus released! Through each of our works, we aspire to convey a sense of awe and wonder, prompting the audience to ponder and push the boundary of their imagination. Through pivoting on a brand need, we hope to usher in a world of tantalizing possibilities and revolutionize the creative landscape. Bringidea is ever on the lookout for the next wave of emerging Gen Z talents, and we look forward to you adding your originality and creative energy to the mix!

    比一点还小的半点,却像一场无休止的核裂变,爆发出无止境的巨大能量 !半点的作品总能传递一种能量,释放出引发人探讨和思考的物质。“依托一个需求点,裂变一个小宇宙 !”半点的团队正在吸附一大波GEN Z,而更多元的原创力在<.>持续裂变ing......